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Blueprinting how an organisation operates provides vital information for leaders to make decisions on investment and prioritisation of change. 

Business architecture is a discipline that defines the structure and behavior of an organisation. It is a holistic view of the organization that encompasses its strategy, processes, information, and organisational structure. Business architecture helps organisations to understand how they work, identify areas for improvement, and make better decisions.

The goal of business architecture is to align the organisations structure and behaviour with its strategic goals. This is done by creating a blueprint of the organisation that shows how all of its elements fit together. The blueprint can then be used to identify gaps and inconsistencies, and to make changes that will help the organisation achieve its goals.

Blueprint your organisation and optimise design to deliver to strategy with Business Architecture.

We can help:

Bridge the Strategy-Execution gap and plan your transformation.

We can help:

We use Jibility® for assisting customers with building a common view of organisational capability and how strategy will be deployed and a structured approach for doing so. It offers a complete set of tools for strategy capture, capability analysis, execution planning and collaborating with your organisation on transformation plans. See more at

We are an Associate Member of the Business Architecture Guild.