Organisational Culture and International Collaboration



We are a certified in Hofstede-Insights Organisational Culture Muti-Focus Model . The Culture Factor (Formally Hofstede-Insights is a global leader in culture analytics and consulting and has spent over 35 years helping some of the world’s largest organisations transform their intercultural and organisational challenges into business success stories, and translating academic research into powerful actions. 

We also bring hands on transformation experience in many industries including technology, medical devices, logistics, utilities, manufacturing and defence.

+ Organisational Culture Scan


We help you to understand the culture you currently have and work with your teams to design a culture that will best support your long term success. Utilising research based and data driven tools used by some of the largest firms globally, we work with you to make culture a work for your organisation and your strategy.

Understanding the culture of your organisation without the help of an objective tool can feel overwhelming. Everyone will have their own opinion on the culture, but that opinion will always be subjective. Nevertheless, we cannot change our Organisational Culture without knowing our starting point.

Hofstede-Insights culture scan tools help uncover the culture you currently have, and change it to give you the best opportunity for long-term success. It helps to make culture tangible and relatable for everyone.

The Organisational Culture Scan will give you precise data on:

Our approach:

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+ Executive Match 360


In every cultural transformation project, change starts with leadership leading by example. Our Executive Match solution provides detailed insights into the “Walking the Talk” concept.

We provide insights into the degree to which leaders´ behaviour either enables or hinders the realisation of the optimal culture within a leadership team.

The concept of our Executive Match solution is based on evaluating leadership behaviour, but not from a skills point of view. The leaders´ behaviour is an extremely powerful tool to show the way to the rest of the organisation.

Download a demo report:

+ International Teams and Intercultural Competence


In an increasingly globalised workforce and business environment, we can help lift your team's understanding of similarities and differences in national culture. Improve efficiency and effectiveness by optimising how work gets done in international teams and how to lead across borders. 

The Intercultural Competence programme consists of practical sessions and analytical tools designed for multinational teams or companies who want to improve their collaboration, team alignment and communication skills.

Practical skills and knowledge acquired in this programme will serve participants in any culturally diverse situations they might face, for example:

This programme will be designed for your unique needs. Please get in touch to learn more. 

+ Coaching Change Leaders & Teams

We are passionate about supporting people through change and work as a mentor and coach to transformation leaders, teams and those making the transition from technical to leadership roles. As coaches, we create a positive and supportive environment for people to visualise the future, seize opportunity and navigate change.

Typically coaching sessions are held over a video call fortnightly or monthly. Each assignment is different so we tailor to the needs of the individual. Areas can include:

Your Coach:

Chris is an advisor and coach, with a career in business transformation and helping organisations expand, innovate and adapt. Chris helps leaders and teams to thrive in uncertain project environments and unlock opportunities for improvement and reinvention.

Chris has spent two decades leading transformation programmes across South East Asia and Australia and has worked with start-ups, family owned businesses to global organisations. Chris has worked as an executive, enterprise architect, programme director and led teams in innovation, technology, consulting and operations. 

As a coach, Chris creates a positive and supportive environment for people to visualise the future, seize opportunity and navigate change. Chris’ clients include people in elite sport, start-ups, technology businesses and utilities.