organisation design and culture

Success happens when teams and systems are designed to work together.

We develop strong and effective organisations. We will help you find clarity and confidence in how to optimise your business structures and culture, together.

Plan your organisational change and optimise with Futureprojex:

+ Organisational Culture and International Teams

Your people and the way they work together is without doubt the most complex yet the most influential system in the success of an organisation achieving goals. This 'people operating system', or culture, is the unwritten rules and expectations about how things are done, how to work with each other, and how the external environment influences the way we do it.

Utilising research based and data driven tools used by some of the largest firms globally, we help organisation's understand the culture they currently have, and optimise to long term success through practical and achievable ways. Explore more ->

+ Organisation Design

A blend of people, skills, systems and processes all combine in different ways to deliver the outputs that an organisation has set out to achieve. Knowing the individual parts of an organisation and how they work together provides more understanding of how to structure and where to improve to achieve strategy.

By utilising the comprehensive views surfaced through Organisational Design and Business Architecture, we have better information to make decisions and plan. Explore more ->

Utilising the best available tools and approaches, we have supported organisations to:

Every organisation is different, and we help you to design and optimise for long term success.

This world leading trial relied on the development of brand new capabilities at a scale not yet attempted by our team. Futureprojex partnered with us to undertake detailed project scoping and implementation planning and set up an ‘agile’ delivery model which included new technology development skills sets. The new operating model we established to deliver this project is still being used successfully to deliver our award winning ‘Future Networks’ innovation program.

Brendan Hampton, Head of Strategy, South Australian Power Networks